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AIYA ACT was first set up as AIYA ANU in early 2012. At the beginning of 2014 the change to AIYA ACT was implemented to reflect the Chapter’s desire to engage and collaborate with the broader ACT community.

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Committee Members

Chapter President: Sophie Hewitt

Sophie is a Law/Asia Pacific Studies student at The Australian National University. She spent the first half of 2015 studying in Indonesia at UNPAR, Bandung, and will return to Indonesia in mid-2017 for the Australia Indonesia Centre’s ‘Young Researchers’ Program. Sophie is passionate about promoting the Australia-Indonesia relationship, particularly through the avenue of ‘food diplomacy’ as seen on her Instagram account, @thelonelybule.



Vice President: Anna Filing

Anna is a final year Law/Languages student at ANU who is passionate about the Indonesian language, Indonesian culture and the bilateral relationship with Australia. During her time at ANU, Anna has often spent the uni holidays travelling or studying in Indonesia and in 2015/16 was a participant of the Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program.




Secretary: Ella Kelly

Ella is an Arts/Law student at The Australian National University. She fell in love with Indonesia after studying Indonesian intensively in Salatiga and since then has had diverse experiences in Indonesia. Ella participated in ANU’s anthropology field school on Pulau Rote and travelled to West Kalimantan as a participant of the Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP). Ella is passionate about encouraging Australians to learn Indonesian and take up opportunities for cultural immersion in Indonesia.

Treasurer: Jeremy Hutton

Jeremy studies International Relations/Law at the Australian National University. Living and studying in Indonesia for four years, and in Hong Kong for exchange, have been strong influences in Jeremy’s passion for Asian history and its foreign policy relevance for Australia. Having been involved with AIYA for a number of years, he believes that deep diplomatic ties between Australia and Indonesia are, and should continue to be, founded on a people-to-people basis that celebrates our unique cultural differences and similarities.


General Member: Arif Zamani

BeforArif Zamanie pursuing his master degree at The Australian National University, Arif was an auditor at Ernst & Young Indonesia. He is happiest when he can spend time playing freely at the beach without a worry. Through AIYA he hopes to find many friends who share his vision for the Australia-Indonesia relationship.



General Member: Breanna Gabbert

Breanna is a third-year student of Economics and International Relations at the Australian National University. She takes great interest in the trade and cultural connections with Indonesia and believes that AIYA’s efforts inspire and inform youth about opportunities that enhance the Australia-Indonesian relationship. She participated in the 2016-17 Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP). In her free time, she enjoys watching Star Trek the Next Generation and sipping an earl grey.

General Member: Freya Gaunt

Freya has just graduated with a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies (Year in Asia)/Science at the Australian National University. She has spent over 18 months living and studying in Indonesia in Salatiga, Yogyakarta and Bandung, as well as just completed the 2016-17 Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP). Freya is especially passionate about Indonesian art culture, sustainable development, women’s advocacy and youth issues. Upon graduation, Freya hopes to find work in Indonesia.


General Member: Ingrid Olbrei 

Ingrid is a Law and International Relations student at the Australian National University who is eager to assist in the developing and promoting of Indonesia to Australian students. She studies Indonesian as part of a diploma at languages, completing most of her courses in Salatiga, Indonesia, during her university breaks.



General Member: Rifa Fatharani

Rifa is currently studying a Master’s Degree in International Relations at the Australian National University. She spent a portion of her childhood in several countries which taught her adversity to different cultures and also to be passionate in preserving Indonesian culture. Through such experience, she has performed Indonesian traditional dance at various multicultural performances. While undertaking her undergraduate study at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, she was actively involved in the student organisation which provided her the opportunity to volunteer and organise many events. During her free time, she enjoys exploring Canberra and playing sport. By participating in AIYA, aside committing herself in strengthening the ties between Australia and Indonesia, she also hopes to inspire young generations of what real potential of Indonesian youth can be.

General Member: Evie Sharman

Evie is a second-year Bachelor of Philosophy (Asian Studies) student at The Australian National University. She is currently learning Indonesian (slowly!) and will visit Bandung in the second semester of 2017 to study International Relations at UNPAR, Bandung. She hopes to learn more about Australia and Indonesia’s partnership through AIYA.



General Member: Harvey Keown

Harvey is a International Security/Development studies student at the ANU. After developing a passion for Indonesian language through the ANU, he then completed six weeks of study in Indonesia. Harvey enjoys sport, food and batik shirts. Through AIYA, he wishes to increase interest in Indonesian culture and language in Australia.



General Member: Uma Ossatjyz

Uma is studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Asian studies at the Australian National University with a major in Indonesian language. She enjoys reading Indonesian history, attempting to translate the Jakarta Post and investigating Indonesian textile markets. Her long-term ambition is to use a batik canting without ruinous smudging.



General Member: Peter Gilbert

Peter is studying a Bachelor of Languages and International Relations at ANU and has studied Indonesian in country for short programs. Peter is interested in the continued evolution in Australian and Indonesian relations and believes that a mutual understanding is the first step in establishing better relations.



General Member: Lachlan Aynsley

Lachlan is a 4th year student who studies Asian Studies and Accounting (but please don’t hold that against him!). After finally visiting Indonesia in 2013 and becoming enamoured with the landscape, culture and history he decided to take Indonesian at ANU. His proudest achievements in Indonesia include no longer getting food poisoning and only falling off a motorbike once.



General Member: Dominic Huntley

Dominic has been a member of AIYA for about a year now. He joined AIYA as it was and is a great opportunity to broaden his Indonesian skills and engage with the Indonesian community here in Australia. He has studied Indonesian since 2014, including a several month stretch of in-country study, and is very much hoping to return for a full year or more in the near future. I otherwise am an international security studies student, and have chosen to study Indonesian due to its great importance to Australia and the region.



General Member: Heloise Duce

Heloise Duce is a second-year student studying a Bachelor of International Security and Science. Impassioned by her first year studying Indonesian language at ANU, she ventured to Salatiga in Central Java where she completed her minor in Indonesian language. Suffering withdrawals from lack of tempe and pisang goreng in Canberra, she decided to join AIYA. Heloise wishes to help in strengthening the Indonesian–Australian friendship through AIYA with good food and media.



Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you do want to get involved!

Last Updated 22 November 2017.