The Australia Indonesia Youth Association in Queensland was founded mid 2012, and aims to build a network of youth who are passionate about the Australian/Indonesian relationship through facilitating various networking and social events.

We are currently affiliated with various institutions such as the University of Queensland, Griffith University, Australian Catholic University, Queensland University of Technology and University of the Sunshine Coast, on the Sunshine Coast. Through these institutions, we have established regular language exchanges with local Indonesian students.  We focused towards facilitating exciting events which involve professional networking, informative seminars and socialising activities.

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Facebook: Australia Indonesia Youth Association – Queensland

Twitter: @AIYA_Queensland

If you have any questions or queries, you can also send an email to qld@aiya.org.au.

Chapter Committee

StephSteph Pearson: President

Steph believes that grassroots relations between Australian and Indonesian youth are the key to seeing our two nations succeed in the Asian Century. Steph studied Development and Indonesian during her undergraduate degree, completing her KKN last year with ACICIS. Steph believes that Indonesian language and community need to connect regional areas, and that school students studying Indonesian are Australia’s future leaders. She has travelled to Java, Lombok, Bali, Sulawesi and neighbouring Timor-Leste, is passionate about discovering more of Indonesia’s diversity and is keen to expand the reach of AIYA QLD in the coming year! Steph is completing Honours at UQ and works at the Asia-Pacific Centre for R2P.

NiaRachamina P Wardhani: Vice President

Nia believes that young people have an essential role in building multicultural understanding as part of our global society in order to develop their nations and themselves as individuals. She is honoured to be AIYA QLD’s 2016 VP, and finds that AIYA is an excellent opportunity to facilitate the bilateral relationship between Indonesians and Australians to understand each other’s cultures and values through its programs and activities. Currently, Nia is studying Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and minoring in International Relations at the University of Queensland. She studies in Brisbane as a double degree program in partnership with Universitas Indonesia and UQ.

RatnaRatna Suminar: Secretary 

Ratna is a Psychology student within the Bachelor of Arts program in University of Queensland. In the position of Secretary, Ratna is responsible for administrative duties. She believes that young people are an integral aspect of society who have the role of building a future for the country, thus, the relationship between Indonesia and Australia may be strengthen through the interaction of young people. In AIYA, Indonesian and Australian have the opportunity to participate in activities, share knowledge, values and culture. Hopefully in the future, AIYA can participate to build bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia.

MelMelanie Kilby: Treasurer 

Melanie has been passionate about Indonesian culture and language since she began learning Bahasa and playing competitive congklak in high school. In 2015, she spent a semester studying and travelling throughout Indonesia. This experience further fuelled her enthusiasm for a career in the development of the Australia-Indonesia relationship. Melanie is confident that AIYA will continue to foster close relationships among the youth of Australia and Indonesia, and she hopes her skillset will assist in its endeavours. Melanie is currently completing her Honours in Indonesian Studies at the University of Queensland.

Isaac image Isaac Bennett: Community Liaison Officer

Isaac is a student of the University of Queensland, where he studies Indonesian and history. Having lived in China and recently returning back from Indonesia, he has developed an interest in learning new languages, meeting new and different people and experiencing diverse cultures. One of the significant motivations for Isaac’s involvement in AIYA, both in Jogja and now in Queensland, is the profound deficit of understanding that is often apparent between the two countries, particularly from the Australian side. Previously spending a semester studying at Gadjah Mada University, Isaac hopes to gain a better of understanding of Indonesian language and history and do his part in furthering the bilateral relationship in Queensland.

BryannaBryanna Wilson: Communications Officer

Bryanna is currently studying Honours in Indonesian Studies at the University of Queensland, after recently completing her undergraduate degree in International Relations. Having recently studied in Yogyakarta and travelled around Indonesia she is passionate about Indonesian culture and politics. Bryanna hopes to use her skills and passion to foster closer understanding and relationships between Australia and Indonesia in the future.

ZachZachary Look: Events Coordinator

Currently, Zac is in his first year of a Bachelor of Government and International Relations at Griffith University in conjunction with the Indonesian program at UQ. Zac has long enjoyed politics regarding Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe, has a passion for languages (also speaking French) which was developed in his travels to France and Indonesia. Zac is optimistic for the future of bilateral cooperation via authentic relationships and grassroots connections. He believes that Indonesia and Australia will be of growing importance to each other in the future and as such, progress is required now. In the position of events co-ordinator, Zac leads event organisation for all activities for 2016 with communication with the other board members.