The Australia Indonesia Youth Association in Queensland was founded mid 2012, and aims to build a network of youth who are passionate about the Australian/Indonesian relationship through facilitating various networking and social events.

We are currently affiliated with various institutions such as the University of Queensland, Griffith University, Australian Catholic University, Queensland University of Technology and University of the Sunshine Coast, on the Sunshine Coast. Through these institutions, we have established regular language exchanges with local Indonesian students.  We focused towards facilitating exciting events which involve professional networking, informative seminars and socialising activities.

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Facebook: Australia Indonesia Youth Association – Queensland

Twitter: @AIYA_Queensland

If you have any questions or queries, you can also send an email to qld@aiya.org.au.

Chapter Committee

Rachmania P Wardhani: President

Nia has been passionate about promoting Indonesian culture and richness since she was in high school. She first arrived in Australia in 2015 to study Bachelor of Arts in Psychology through Universitas Indonesia-University of Queensland double degree program. Since then she quickly discovered the important roles of young people to bridge the relationship between Indonesia and Australia. Through AIYA, she hopes that young people would be more informed about Australia and Indonesia and be involved to take part in the bilateral relationship between the two countries especially through cultural, educational, and social activities. Although she is pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist, Nia will continue her commitment in promoting multicultural understanding among young people.

Isaac Bennett: Vice President

In the course of his Indonesian language studies, Isaac has spent time studying in both Lombok and Yogyakarta, developing an enduring passion for the study of Indonesia. While stuck in Brisbane, Isaac has been involved in AIYA QLD for a number of years and hopes to see awareness and understanding of Indonesia continue to grow in Queensland. Isaac’s academic involvement with Indonesia has culminated in his studying honours in Indonesian history this year at the University of Queensland. If he makes it through 2017 with his sanity, Isaac hopes to return to Indonesia as soon as possible.

Priscilla Tjokrowijoto: Secretary 

Priscilla is undertaking a Bachelor of Arts at UQ, majoring in Psychology and minoring in English Literature.  She believes in the importance and benefits of a strong bilateral relationship, especially between neighbouring countries.  The improvement of Australia and Indonesia’s relationship can begin at the grassroots level, namely involving the youth of both countries.  Through her participation in AIYA, she hopes to promote Indonesian culture and increase awareness regarding differing values among the two communities.  As secretary, Priscilla will be handling administrative duties in the Queensland chapter.

Joel Adsett: Treasurer 

Joel is currently studying a dual degree in law and finance at Queensland University of Technology. Having recently returned from spending a year studying and working in Indonesia, Joel has a strong interest in Indonesian history, politics and the country’s growing influence on the world stage. Joel is also passionate about promoting the grassroots relationship between Australia and Indonesia, especially at the youth level, and believes that stronger dialogue and understanding between our two countries will allow for greater collaboration and shared prosperity in the future.

Zachary Look: Communications Officer and Publicist 

Through studies of politics and Indonesian at Griffith University and the University of Queensland respectively, Zac’s passion for regional diplomacy has flourished. He identifies Indonesia as a crucial player in the future of the Indo-Pacific, with grassroots connections being key in forging a healthy relationship. Whilst often turbulent, the Indonesian-Australian relationship is integral for Australia’s future well being. Working with AIYA Queensland for the second year, Zac hopes to engage more Queenslanders to positively alter Australia’s perception of Indonesian culture, government, people. He believes this can be done through personal cross cultural bonds such as those that AIYA promotes.

Lachlan Haycock: Community Liason Officer 

Lachlan has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Indonesian language and literature completed via exchange in Yogyakarta and Mataram, Lombok, and has held various roles within AIYA at a chapter level. His involvement in the Australia-Indonesia relationship grew from high school study of the language and travel to the region for intensive short courses during university. Lachlan’s passion for the written word has led him to seek out a variety of dynamic experiences, from interning as a copy editor at the Jakarta Globe to interpreting for a USC International Development capacity building project.

Liam Mckinnie: Events Coordinator

Liam is a student of the University of the Sunshine Coast, studying international relations and Indonesian language. Liam has a strong interest in Indonesian politics and Indonesian Australian relations. He has previously studied international relations at Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, Central Java and Bahasa Indonesia in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. He recently returned from an internship with Trade and Investment Queensland in Jakarta promoting Queensland universities and other industries. Liam believes that Indonesia and Australia are the key to each others success which can be realised with greater understanding of each other and developing stronger people to people relations.

Last Updated 3rd April 2017.