AIYA Victoria was established in 2012, and is an active chapter made up of students and young professionals.

Working with other chapters and AIYA’s national executive, AIYA Victoria has established relationships with local academic and professional organisations including Asialink, the Indonesian Consulate-General in Melbourne, the Indonesian Student’s Association (PPIA), and many more. Members of AIYA Victoria have appeared on radio, in print, and online.

The chapter holds a number of educational, social-cultural, and sporting events and programs throughout the year so don’t forget to stay up to date with their upcoming events through connecting with them on their social media sites!

Facebook: Australia Indonesia Youth Association – AIYA Victoria

Twitter: @aiya_victoria

Instagram: @aiya_victoria

Feel free to also send an email to for any questions or enquiries.

Committee Members

President: Clarice Campbell

Clarice Campbell Clarice began studying Indonesian in 2007 and is a recent Bachelor of Arts (Languages) graduate at Monash University, majoring in Indonesian Studies and Linguistics. She will be undertaking an honours year in Austronesian linguistics in 2016. Clarice has studied in both Malaysia and Indonesia and her professional experience includes Udayana University, the Australia-Indonesia Centre and the Indonesian Feminist Journal. She has a love for Indonesian dance and culture and is an active member of Bhinneka and Saman Melbourne, even performing the dance on Australia’s Got Talent. Clarice is passionate about the Australia-Indonesia relationship and believes that AIYA plays a great in its development at a grass-roots level.

Vice-President (External Relations): Sam Shlansky

Sam ShlanskyAs the Vice President of External Affairs Sam is excited to bring all of his Indonesia experiences to practice. He will complete an honours year at Monash University in Linguistics and Indonesian Studies in 2016. Living in Indonesia for five months in semester one 2015 really put together all of the different volunteering projects Sam has (and continues to) do at Monash, in Scout’s Victoria, and with AIYA. Indonesia life was about development work in a village, part of the KKN program at Gadjah Mada. During this time he was fascinated learning about working with Javanese people and the art of nongkrong. Eight years of Indonesian study and Sam is still learning so many interesting things. He hopes to bring this passion for learning and talking all about Indonesia to his role as Vice President of External Relations.

Vice-President (Internal Relations): Haekal Irsananda

Haekal IrsanandaHaekal is an undergraduate student from Monash University, majoring in marketing and completed a Diploma of Business (Commerce) in 2014. Having spent his childhood both in Australia and Indonesia, Haekal’s mission is to increase cooperation, understanding and the relationship between young Australian’s and Indonesian’s. Haekal hopes AIYA can be a platform for both Australian’s and Indonesian’s to socialise and build friendships. During his free time he enjoys playing sports, listening to music and eating rendang.

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