Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) Victoria had launched the new executive committee or this year, made up of students and young professionals in Melbourne.

AIYA Victoria is working with other chapters and AIYA’s national executive since 2012 and has established relationships with local academic and professional organisations including Australia Indonesia Centre, Asialink, the Indonesian Consulate-General in Melbourne, the Indonesian Student’s Association (PPIA), and many more.

Running various activities in education such as language exchange, social-cultural, and sporting events and programs throughout the year, be an AIYA Victoria’s member is a must! Get to know the committees and stay up to date with their upcoming events through their channel!

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Committee Members

President : Sam Shlansky

As the President of the Victoria Chapter, Sam is excited to bring all of his Indonesia experiences to practice. He is studying a Diploma of Youth Work at RMIT after completing Honours at Monash University in Indonesian Studies and Linguistics in 2016. Living in Indonesia for five months in semester one 2015 really put together all of the different volunteering projects Sam has (and continues to) do at Monash University, in Scout’s Victoria, and with AIYA. Indonesia life was about development work in a village, part of the KKN program at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). During this time he was fascinated learning about working with Javanese people and the art of nongkrong. Eight years of Indonesian study and Sam is still learning so many interesting things. He hopes to bring this passion for learning and talking all about Indonesia to his role as AIYA President.

Vice-President (Internal Relations): Jenni Henderson

Jenni is a journalist with over eight years experience in radio, television, print and online media. She is the current editor for Business and Economy at the not-for-profit website The Conversation. Before that Jenni worked on the Mindframe national media initiative, helping journalists report on mental illness and suicide. She has also worked for a number of years at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and for Reuters at the Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur bureaus. Jenni has studied at Gadjah Mada University as part of her bachelor’s degree, majoring in Indonesian, and has been back to Indonesia a number of times since. Jenni’s passion for Indonesian culture and language motivates her to continue learning and improving her Indonesian, as well as volunteering for various organisations dedicated to promoting ties between the two countries.

Vice President (External Affairs): Stephen Sebastian Tedja:

Stephen is doing Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. Fascinated by different languages and cultures, his biggest interest is to connect with people from all walks of life. As an AIYA VIC External Vice President, he wishes to continuously improve the Australia-Indonesia relationship, promoting cultural understanding between the two neighbouring nations. Besides AIYA, Stephen is also active in the International Student community in Melbourne, demonstrated by his involvement with AFIS (Australian Federation of International Students).

Secretary: James Akerman

James is currently doing a Bachelor of Information Technology/Arts with majors in Business Information Systems, Indonesian Studies, as well as a minor in Linguistics at Monash University. James started learning Indonesian 3 years ago, when he was 27, having not studied a second language since he completed high-school. He firmly believes that you are never too old to learn a second language if you are diligent and enthusiastic. He has visited Indonesia extensively during the last 3 years, traveling around Java, North and West Sumatera and completed a two-week intensive Indonesian language course at IALF (Indonesian Australian Language Foundation) in Denpasar, Bali. He is interested in social, political and economic issues in Indonesia as well as Indonesian literature. James also believes that developing person to person relationships between Australians and Indonesians are the key to developing closer ties between Australia and Indonesia.

Treasurer: Angeline Arseng

Angie is an undergraduate student at Melbourne University, majoring in Finance and Management. After 18 years of living in Jakarta, she moved to Melbourne to take further studies and to experience everything Melbourne could offer. Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) allows her to meet a lot of people from various backgrounds, who she eventually considers as family-like-friends. Apart from being the treasurer in AIYA, Angie is also part of the secretary department in Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS) and corporate relation department in ASEAN Youth Organization of Australia (AYO). She is super excited for all the projects AIYA planned this year and she hopes that you would join the events and have fun!

Communications Officer: Evelynd 

Evelynd is currently pursuing her Master of Communication and Media Studies degree at Monash University as scholarship awardee from the Indonesian government. Having completed her bachelor degree in Journalism, she had numerous experiences in media and broadcasting field. She is currently active as a contributor for OZIP Magazine as well as local newspapers in her hometown, West Sumatera. She enjoys photography and maintains social media presence across channels as her hobby. Being passionate in cross-cultural communities, she is joining Indonesia Student Association in Victoria (PPIA Victoria) and volunteering with Monash Postgraduates Association. She also discovers new interest on the sport in The Krakatoa’s footy club. She actively engages in arts and cultural performances as a traditional dancer and acoustic singer.

Education Officer: Estelle Fraser

Estelle is currently at the University of Melbourne completing her Bachelor of Arts in International Politics and Linguistics, as well as a Diploma in Indonesian. She has eagerly participated in-country language and culture programs at Sekolah Indonesia in Kuala Lumpur and Udayana University in Denpasar. Estelle strongly believes that education is the key to breaking down barriers and strengthening the Australia-Indonesia relationship. She hopes to use her passion for Indonesia to promote bilateral cultural understanding.

Social and Culture Officer: Emily Heng

Emily has been studying Indonesian for six years. Over the years, Emily has participated in NAILA, and has also won a 3-day scholarship to visit the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra. At Monash University, Emily is in her second year of her degrees in Laws and Global studies, including a major in Indonesian Studies. Emily is most interested in Australia’s perceptions of Indonesia at the grassroots level (and vice versa), and how the media affects bilateral understanding on politics. As the Social-Cultural Officer, Emily is excited to promote the sharing of culture between these two countries, especially through film, food and public discourse. In her free time, Emily enjoys travelling, playing softball and drinking teh kotak.

Sports Officer: Bayu Pratama

Graduated from Victoria University in 2015, Bayu is currently working with Centre for Multicultural Youth as a Youth Advisor and having a stint with AFL as a Diversity Ambassador or St Kilda football Club. While he was in university, he able to seized the opportunity to work with his beloved Collingwood Football Club & Melbourne Football Club, and played a big role in transition of developing a multicultural program within both clubs.  In addition to his Ambassador role, Bayu also has been crucial to Indonesia Garudas and Krakatoas Football club development. With his previous work experiences with AFL Powerhouse clubs, he managed to represented Indonesia as a Player on International Cup back in 2014. Furthermore, he also able to develop a few players from beginners into play a competitive football in local level, he works as a Player Development and Coach at Krakatoas Football Club. whilst, he believes AIYA should be a benchmark and a platform to engage Australians and Indonesians student to have an active lifestyle.

Last Updated 25th April 2017.