Posted on 27 August, 2013

The AIYA Yogyakarta Chapter aims to connect, inspire and inform Australians and Indonesians about opportunities to engage in the bilateral relationship. We hope to build a strong network of students, volunteers and young professionals who can encourage, learn from and support one another to become the next generation of leaders in the Australia-Indonesia relationship.

Email: yogyakarta@aiya.org.au.

Committee Members

Nadia F. Romadhona – President

Nadia, who prefers to go by Dhona, has a BA in Korean Language and Culture. She also has an interest in international issues and inter-state relations. Participating in a student exchange program in Korea,  Dhona gained much thought and insight through friends from other countries and attending many international programs. She believes that the problems among nations can be solved if states have a shared trust and understanding of each other. As the president of the AIYA Yogyakarta chapter, she hopes to strengthen the bridge between the two countries, and learn more about different cultures in order to further a global society of mutual understanding.

Edwin Salim – Vice President and Treasurer

Edwin Salim is freshly-graduated from Architecture at the Universitas Gadjah Mada, and is now working as a junior architect in an architecture consultancy in Yogyakarta. A public-speaking enthusiast, Edwin was a Tokopedia Student Ambassador (Batch 4); a participant of UGM-University of Sydney Summer Program about Culture-Architecture-Urbanism in Yogyakarta; and an English orator and debater. As a part of AIYA, he wishes to develop himself further in an environment full of diversity, also to encourage young people in Indonesia, especially those in Yogyakarta, to fulfil their potential on the global stage.

Edmund Coleman – Secretary

Edmund is studying a Bachelor of Arts and a concurrent Diploma of Languages at the University of Melbourne, and is completing a semester exchange in Yogyakarta at the University of Gadjah Mada. Edmund has a keen interest in Indonesian art and literature, and hopes to learn as much as he can about Indonesian culture during his stay. Edmund passionately believes that close, meaningful ties should be fostered and strengthened between Australia and Indonesia, as both countries stand to learn a great deal from each other.

Fadilah Rahma – Media and Communications Officer

Fadilah Rahma is a 3rd-year student majoring in International Relations. She has been a member of AIYA since 2017 and has been involved with the committee ever since. AIYA has helped grow and develop her abilities to create thought-provoking dialogue and friendships in a cross-cultural environment. She is excited about meeting new friends whilst developing her skills, particularly in media and communication, by fulfilling her role as a Communications Officer in AIYA Yogyakarta.

Hanny Sri Handayani – Media and Communications Officer

Hanny studies social and political science at Muhammadiyah University in Yogyakarta. Last year she attended a short program in Malaysia and Singapore in order to understand Islamic culture in the two countries. Additionally, a precious experience to her, which will be an unforgettable memory, was volunteering at the 18th Asia Games in Jakarta. Her interest in art and design has led her to win the Agriscientival Competition in 2018 as the best national poster winner. Joining AIYA, Hanny is motivated to learn more about the meaning of diversity so that she is able to have a better influence on the people around her.

Zac Look – Media and Communications Officer

Zac is currently studying a Bachelor of Government and International Relations, majoring in Politics and Public Policy and Indonesian, at Griffith University in Queensland. He is currently studying politics and Indonesian language at Gadjah Mada University – supported by the New Colombo Plan Scholarship. Zac wants to work in diplomacy in the future to ensure a stable and prosperous relationship between Australia and Indonesia. He believes an important component in this process is to change biased and ill-informed perceptions. Having been a member of AIYA since 2016, Zac aims to work towards this goal by building connections between Australian and Indonesian youth in Yogyakarta. In his free time, Zac likes to play sports, such as hockey and futsal. He also loves the beach… like any good Queenslander.

Laura Robertson – Project Officer (Education)

Laura is a secondary school teacher from Melbourne, but has recently been living in Alice Springs, Australia. She teaches history and politics, but is also qualified to teach Indonesian. She has a honours degree in politics, a master of secondary teaching and in 2017 she completed her diploma of language (Indonesian) at Deakin University. Laura now lives in Yogyakarta and is one of the AIYA education officers. She joined AIYA five years ago and supports the important aims of the organisation, which include building and developing the relationship between Australia and Indonesia.

Dhea Ristyana – Project Officer (Education)

Dhea is currently studying English and French Literature. As a person who loves languages and cultures, she joined AIYA so she may enhance her knowledge, especially concerning Australia and Australian culture. Furthermore, to provide a meaningful contribution towards Indonesia’s endorsement in the worldwide tourism industry is one of Dhea’s biggest goals in life.


Marlisa Putri Utami – Project Officer (Education)

Lisa is an eighth semester student of International Relations at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, and loves sustainable and slow adventures. She is completing the final stages of her undergraduate thesis while also challenging herself through AIYA, as a shy person, so that she will be able to connect, interact, and work with people within an international environment. She believes that AIYA is one of the places where she can contribute in order to create a sustainable engagement and development of the community.

Puspita Wardhani – Project Officer (Socio-Culture)

Tata is a student of Law at Universitas Gadjah Mada. She currently studies international law. Her experiences participating in several short courses with students from Australia brought her to AIYA. Tata, whose future goal is to become a diplomat one day, is a part of the Community Development Project Officers Team. She is very excited to be placed in this division, as she can improve her ability to engage with people and influence surroundings.


Cameron Allan – Project Officer (Socio-Culture)

Cameron is a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of International Security Studies student from the Australian National University. He is currently an exchange student at UGM, where he is studying Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian politics subjects. Cameron is excited to work with AIYA Jogya for a few reasons: to make new friends, to practice his Indonesian, to encourage interest in Indonesian-Australian relations and to understand how youth organisations contribute to soft diplomacy. As Socio-Cultural Officer, he is hoping to connect young people with local development projects in Yogyakarta, and run some spicy karaoke sessions.

Anggara Tegar – Project Officer (Sports)

Hi I’m Anggara, I’m a student of Economy in Universitas Islam Indonesia. I’m currently taking business and marketing as the focus of my study. Away from Uni, I also working as a Chief Creative Officer in Design for Dream, a socio-preneur startup that aims to advocate, support and realize the dreams of people with disabilities who aspire to be entrepreneurs and professionals. By becoming a member of AIYA, I want to expand my networking by meeting amazing and inspirational youth from Indonesia and Australia.

Owen Wishart – Project Officer (Sports)

Owen Wishart is a law and International Security Studies student at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. Owen is currently on exchange at the Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, studying Bahasa Indonesia and Australia Indonesia Relations. Owen has a keen interest in sports, rugby, AFL, football and running are just some of the sports Owen watches. This semester at AIYA will be an exciting one and Owen is keen to share his love of sports with fellow students in Yogyakarta.

Noah Wright – Project Officer (Sports)

Noah is studying a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne, focusing on the field of political relations and Indonesian language and society. He is currently completing a semester in Yogyakarta at the University of Gadjah Mada. Noah is passionate about gaining an understanding of both the traditional and typical Indonesian ways of life, spending much of his time enthusiastically visiting coastal regions in search of new friends (and surf). Noah advocates that strong community relationships are founded on healthy and active participation, and that sport is a perfect medium through which this can be achieved.

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