12814045_512680928904190_2134626412243613900_nThe AIYA Yogyakarta Chapter aims to connect, inspire and inform Australians and Indonesians about opportunities to engage in the bilateral relationship. As a newly-established chapter in 2014, we hope to build a strong network of students, volunteers and young professionals who can encourage, learn from and support one another to become the next generation of leaders in the Australia-Indonesia relationship.

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Facebook: Australia Indonesia Youth Association – Yogyakarta

Twitter: @AIYAYogyakarta

Instagram: @aiya.yogyakarta

Email: yogyakarta@aiya.org.au.

Committee Members

Jonathan Soerjoko: President

Jonathan came to Yogyakarta in February 2017 as an ACICIS student. Starting out as Treasurer at the beginning of the semester, he was elected President of AIYA Yogyakarta after the previous President, Evani Pertika, left. Jonathan joined the AIYA team out of his own interest in developing the Australia/Indonesian relationship through social settings and informal networks. Jonathan is in his final year of a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts double degree at the University of Sydney and has a broad range of interests in his studies, with majors in Accounting, Indonesian Studies and Philosophy.

Wisnu Trianugeraha: Vice President

Wisnu’s initial fascination with Australia started in 2011 when he became one of his high school’s representatives of BRIDGE Project to Kormilda College in Darwin. He returned to Australia in 2014 to undergo a year-long Study Abroad Program supported by the ISEP Scholarship from the University of Adelaide. During his stay in Australia, he was introduced to AIYA SA Chapter, represented the University of Adelaide in Sydney Unigames 2014 in Fencing, and also won two medals in Fencing SA State Competitions. Shortly after his return to Indonesia, he completed his internship with ACICIS in Yogyakarta and is currently working on his Bachelor thesis. He studies International Relations with a major in Political Economy and Development Studies in Universitas Gadjah Mada and hopes that his study can help him facilitate Indonesia-Australia youth-to-youth diplomacy.

Brianna Kerr: Secretary

Brianna was born in a small town called Cooma five hours south of Sydney and could never have imagined that she would be studying at UGM in Yogyakarta or partaking in an internship with the JRS. Brianna is currently in her third year of a double bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Media at UNSW with passionate focuses in development and journalism. Having also interned and travelled in Papua New Guinea, India and Africa, she is so excited to immerse in another new culture and learn from its people. Brianna believes that organisations like AIYA are of the utmost importance in fostering strong and long lasting relationships between Indonesia and Australia and hopes to continue her work with AIYA when she returns to NSW. She thinks Indonesia is an incredible country and feels very lucky to be calling it home for a little while.

Michael Zanon: Treasurer

Michael has completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Sydney with majors in Government and International Relations and Italian. He is currently enrolled in a Diploma of Languages for Indonesian and in his first semester at UGM through ACICIS. As Treasurer at AIYA Michael hopes to connect more Australian and Indonesian students and create a rapport between them. He also sees the future potential of the Indonesia and Australia relationship and its fundamental importance which organizations like AIYA are a key part of. Michael started Indonesian when he had remaining credit points in his degree and decided to learn another language. Through his position at AIYA he hopes to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia by connecting people at the local level.

Max Stretton: Media and Communications Officer 

Max was born in Bali and moved to Darwin, Australia when he was two years old. He spends a lot of time back in Indonesia staying with family and exploring all the wonders of its islands. Max is currently in his third year of studying a Bachelor of Law at Charles Darwin University and intends on achieving a successful career in Indonesian and Australian law. He is passionate about the culture and language Indonesia has to offer to Australia and the wider world. He believes that the relationship between Indonesia and Australia should be of utmost importance. Max is currently studying Law at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta as part of an exchange and will be there for one semester. Max loves Yogya and would stay for longer if he could.

Lily Frame: Design and Documentation Officer

Lily is a third year Arts/Law student at the University of New South Wales majoring in Development Studies. She is currently in Yogyakarta, undertaking the ACICIS Development Studies Immersion Program and has recently joined AIYA as the Design and Documentation Officer. She believes in the importance of strengthening relations and building connections between Indonesian and Australian students through both social and educational events. By joining the AIYA committee in Yogyakarta she hopes to facilitate this and continue work back in Australia. In her spare time you will find Lily eating nasi goreng jamur and drinking bubble tea.

Ahmad Rezha: Project Officer

Ahmad Rezha is a final-year Accounting student at the Universitas Islam Indonesia. After joining the international community in UII. He challenged himself to learn more by studying computer science at Universitas Gadjah Mada. Shaping his ability to handle problems, he has worked and lived with cross-cultural teams and families in Europe. Rezha joins AIYA Yogyakarta chapter to inspire all university students and young Indonesians leaders to be more active to face international environment.


Cal Mickle: Project Officer

Cal Mickle has had an intimate relationship with Indonesia ever since moving to Darwin at a young age. Having lived in major cities such as New York and London, Cal has had a very globalised upbringing. Moving from these international centres to a small town in Australia provided Cal with a balanced understanding of cross-cultural relations and in conjunction with his love for international travel he has managed to develop an intense interest in the way the world operates. Due to Darwin’s proximity to Indonesia he travelled back and forth between the two locations many times and came to understand the importance of building a stronger relationship with Australia’s next door neighbour. Cal chose to start learning Indonesian in middle school and has followed his studies through to University in Melbourne. Before finishing high school Cal attended a university level intensive Indonesian language course in Salatiga in 2013 in order to further his understanding of the language. Currently he is studying Asian Studies at La Trobe University but is now living in Yogyakarta while undertaking the ACICIS program hoping to strengthen his relationship with Indonesia and the people who live and work there.

Fadila Rahma: Project Officer

Fadila Rahma is currently a 2nd year university student majoring in International Relations within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Politics at Gadjah Mada University. In addition to acting as a ‘pendamping’ to Australian students participating in the ACICIS program, Fad has been actively engaged in the UGM buddy club and activities held by FISIPOL’s global engagement office. By joining AIYA, she hopes to learn more about organizing and empowering the community through cross-cultural understanding.


Jorden Garnaut: Project Officer

Jorden is completing a Bachelor of Community Development at Murdoch University (Perth). He is currently in Yogyakarta on a study abroad program through the Australian Consortium for In-Country Studies (ACICIS) and will spend two semesters at University Gadjah Mada.  He has a strong passion for individual capacity building for people who may be considered vulnerable, isolated or a minority. This, paired with his experience working alongside a diverse range of individuals over the past 6 years (predominantly those with intellectual and developmental disabilities) has taught him the importance of strong connections between individuals. Jorden is captivated and inspired by the sense of community apparent to him in Indonesia, which motivates him to learn and understand how social ties and the way relationships in Indonesian culture may have positive effects on the development of the individuals connected to them.

Nadia Fristika Romadhona: Project Officer

Nadia, but prefer to be called Dhona is a Korean Literature student who has an interest in international issues and inter-state relations. After participating in student exchange program in Korea, gaining a lot of thought from other countries friends and attended many international programs there, she thinks that the problems between nations can be solved if each country has mutual trust and understanding. By joining AIYA Yogyakarta chapter, she hopes to become a bridge between the two countries and learn new cultures to create a global society of mutual understanding between people.

Last Updated 31 October 2017.