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Posted on 12 October, 2013

AIYA ACT was first set up as AIYA ANU in early 2012. At the beginning of 2014 the change to AIYA ACT was implemented to reflect the Chapter’s desire to engage and collaborate with the broader ACT community.

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Committee Members

Peter Gilbert – President

Peter is studying a Bachelor of Languages and International Relations at ANU and has studied Indonesian in country through several short programs. Peter is interested in the continued evolution of Australia-Indonesia relations and believes that a mutual understanding is the first step in establishing better relations. Peter was recently in Indonesia as a delegate of AIYEP 2017/18.

Viraji W.M. – Vice President and Social Media Officer

Viraji is an experienced Communications manager in the Australian Public Service. Her path to Indonesia began in 2016, when she took on a project with the Australian Volunteers Program advising Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) on refreshing their brand for the 50th anniversary. This experience ignited Viraji’s interest in Australia-Indonesia relations and since returning she has focused on improving her language skills and playing an active role in the community such as learning dance as part of the Borobudur Dance Troupe.  Viraji graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts and Commerce majoring in International Relations, International Business and Marketing.

Truman Calleia – Secretary

Truman is completing a Bachelor of International Relations and Asian Studies at The Australian National University. In 2017, Truman travelled to Yogyakarta as part of the ACICIS program where he studied Bahasa Indonesia at Universitas Gadjah Mada and Bandung where he studied International Relations at Universitas Kotolik Parahyangan. While undergoing his studies in Indonesia, Truman interned for Astra International in Jakarta. Truman hopes to continue his involvement in the Australia- Indonesia relationship, supporting and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

Jaya Pastor-Elsegood – Treasurer

Jaya studies International Relations at the Australian National University. Growing up in Bali from the age of five, Jaya’s emersion in Indonesian culture and language started from an early age. His interest in Indonesia only grew as he moved back to Australia, and he considers Bali to be his second home. Jaya is new to the AIYA community but holds strongly to the belief that Australia’s relationship with Indonesia, as one of its closest Asian neighbours, is incredibly important and has to continue to be deepened and strengthen in the future.

Sally Swinnen – Events Officer

Sally is a Master of Diplomacy Candidate at the Asia Pacific College of Diplomacy and is the Inaugural Ruth Dobson Scholar. She has participated in three different ACICIS programs in Malang, Yogyakarta and Bandung. Sally also participated in the Regional Universities Indonesian Language Initiative (RUILI) program in Kupang and was the assistant resident director for RUILI program in Lombok in 2017. Sally also is an alumnus of the AIYEP for 2017/2018. Most recently Sally was the translator and participant for a study program, Exploring Operation OBOE, in Eastern Kalimantan, Borneo and Brunei. Sally is interested in minority rights and improving bilateral dialogues.

Matthew Shaw – General Officer

Matthew is a post-graduate security studies student at the Australian National University. He has a Bachelor of International Studies and a Diploma in Language (Indonesian) from the University of Adelaide. He will join the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program during its 37th year. He first became exposed to Indonesia during his Year 8 Bahasa Indonesia classes and since then he has spent almost one and a half years of time in-country through travel, volunteer work, internships and two study abroad programs at Universitas Gadjah Mada and Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (ACICIS). Matthew has been involved in both the Yogyakarta and South Australia chapters. Through AIYA ACT Matthew hopes to sustain his passion for Indonesia by contributing to the bilateral relationship at the youth level.

Uma Ossatjyz – General Executive Officer

Uma is studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Asian studies at the Australian National University with a major in Indonesian language. She recently completed a semester of study at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, where she studied Indonesian language and Regional Indonesian Ethnology. She is passionate about youth-based cultural exchange and believes it plays a vital role in the creation of strong, nuanced ties between Australia and Indonesia.

Niamh McAnulty – Events Officer

Niamh is studying a Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Asian Studies at the Australian National University. She has been learning Bahasa Indonesia since 2011 and recently completed her minor in the language. She has spent time studying in-country through ACICIS at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana in Salatiga and hopes to return to Indonesia to further her studies and learn more about Indonesia’s history and politics.

Michelle Wu – General Officer

Michelle is studying a Bachelor of International Relations and Languages at ANU with a major in Indonesian Language. She is interested in Indonesian workers abroad and the struggles which they may face such as lack of protection and rights. She is also a fan of Indonesian cuisine and has a great appreciation for beef rendang and pisang goreng.

Natasha Ramadan – General Officer

Natasha is a first-year Master of Diplomacy student at The Australian National University. She was selected to participate in ANU-Indonesia Gifted Research Program in Bogor, February 2014. The event has also elevated her fondness of Australia and ambition to stimulate greater bilateral relations between her country Indonesia and Australia. Her dream is to master the ‘Australian accent’ and personally meet the Hemsworth brothers.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you do want to get involved!

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