Indonesian Language Beginners Courses

Posted on 22 November, 2018

The WEA, Sydney provides many foreign language courses and is located 5 minutes walk from Townhall Station, Sydney. Their Indonesian Beginners Courses for Adults commences in early February 2019 and is open for enrollments!

Indonesian Beginners 1

Mon 04 Feb – Mon 01 Apr 2019
5:30pm – 7:30pm
9 sessions, 18 hours total
WEA Sydney
Tutor: Indriaswati Saptaningrum
$258.00 / $232.00 (Concession price)


Click here to enrol now – Places still available

This course is an introduction to Indonesian for students with no previous knowledge of the language and who wish to learn the language for business, travel or everyday use. Students will develop basic skills to use in conversation, reading, writing and listening.

Tutor supplied material

Eight Sessions that aim to build general basic comprehension and communication skills in elementary Indonesian.

Conversational Indonesian and an introduction to cultural practices, with a focus on clear explanation of basic language principles.

Topics (as related to textbook)

  • A short history of the language
  • Bahasa Indonesia – not Malaysia
  • Basic greetings
  • Terms of address
  • Frequently used question words
  • Pronouns: Various words for “you”
  • Basic verbs with no affixations
  • Adjectives: words of description
  • Cardinal and ordinal numbers, fractions
  • Different negative indicators
  • Simple verbs with one prefix or suffix
  • A few group classifiers
  • Basic colours

 Grammar (as covered in textbook topics)

  • Different pronunciation
  • No word after word translation
  • Two word description instead of one
  • Criss-cross word order
  • Reduplication: doubling of words
  • The need of identifying “nouns’
  • Why prefixes and suffixes are attached
  • Comparatives and superlatives

Grammar is introduced in action with example, context and usage. Handouts for homework accompanying the lessons will be provided. They are not compulsory, nevertheless very useful for written practice.

For more information, head to their website.