Indonesian to English language specialist required

Posted on 24 May, 2019

I am a translator applying for a government tender. I’m seeking Indonesian to English language specialists who are available a few days a month, sometimes more, and are interested in the type of work involved (see below). This is a good opportunity for someone with a flexible schedule and a deep interest in Indonesia – the hourly rate would be excellent if the tender is successful and you could hopefully have some fun for a few hours at a time when work comes your way.

To comply with the government agency’s specific requirements, I am hoping to find 1-2 other language specialists who are ready as a back up if I’m not available to perform this work, and ideally (from my perspective) would work a rostered few days a month, sometimes more, depending on availability. On days when you are working, there would be up to 6 hours work, oftentimes less. The agency (Office of National Intelligence) would deal with you directly on those days.


The project involves the production of English language reports summarising information from Indonesian and English language media items as well as other tasks such as online research and analysis. It would start in July/August.

You are not required to hold any specific qualifications in relation to the topics you will cover beyond high-level Indonesian language and analytical/report writing skills and experience.

Guidance will be provided on the relevant information to be included in the report and the report structure to ensure conformity to formats and expectations, but you will be required to use analytic judgement to re-order, summarise and contextualise information based on previous reporting and in line with feedback provided by me and the client.


  • High level proficiency in Indonesian and be experienced in Indonesian-English translation of text, audio and other visual material as well as proficiency with Microsoft Office programs, particularly Excel and Word;
  • Australian citizenship;
  • Ability to work within agreed business hours with the client

Hourly rate

The pay rate would be $70 an hour.

Please note you are not being hired by me as an employee – we are working alongside one another. I am a full time translator so this would be my bread and butter. You would need to supply your own computer equipment and be self-sufficient.

On the days and weeks that one of us is not available, we can reach an agreement about who can step in for the necessary time window. This work would be ideal for someone who is already working from home, studying or who has a bit of flexibility in their schedule to absorb this without any problems!

What to do

Please contact Paul Lee Schmertmann at with a CV and a brief outline about your working situation and your ability to meet the requirements. A response is needed by 29 May 2019. If you have any questions feel free to ask!