Volunteer opportunities with NTA East Indonesia Aid

The NTA East Indonesia Aid Marketing and Membership Committee has a number of volunteer roles available those with an interest in events, communications or fundraising.

Positions available include:

  • Volunteer event coordinator (trivia night) – Canberra
  • Communications Volunteer (Social Media)
  • Communications Volunteer (Production)
  • Communications Volunteer (Website)
Some roles are Canberra-based, while others can be flexible on location.

To apply or to find out more information, contact the Executive Officer at enquiries@nta.org.au. If you would like to help out and have different skills to those listed below, please also do get in touch with NTA East Indonesia Aid.

About NTA

NTA East Indonesia Aid is an Australian not-for-profit NGO committed to improving livelihoods in the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara. NTA collaborates in-country with local NGOs and government authorities and institutes, and engages the community by coordinating a consensus (known as ‘musyawarah’ in Indonesian) process where local people identify the most essential projects. This means that the people have ownership of the development process, under the guidance of NTA staff. Around 150 to 200 small activities are supported at any given time in the areas of education, income generation and water and sanitation. For more information visit nta.org.au.

For more information and detail about the roles, check out the position descriptions.