Join AIYA – Indonesia

  • Denny Yusuf

    Dear aiya admin, Is there any way to charge without paypal and credit card? I dont have both of them, if you dont mind, please provide with another option, eg:local bank account. Thanks..

    • Anastasia Pavlovic

      Hi Denny,

      Thanks for your question.

      While membership for Australian AIYA Chapters must be made via a credit card or PayPal, some Indonesian chapters do take payment in cash. Please get in touch with your local chapter, and ask them about the best way to become a member. You can find details on AIYA Chapters here:


      Anastasia Pavlovic
      AIYA Web and Video Officer
      Australia-Indonesia Youth Association

  • Wow! Nice website i wish a relationship between Australia and Indonesia would be Better and Lovely
    Thanks a Lot