Posted on 7 May, 2014

AIYA Policies and Procedures

AIYA has a series of policies and procedures in place to protect AIYA Members and participants in AIYA activities.

When joining as a member or participating in AIYA activities all participants are subject to adhere to the following policies:

AIYA Code of Conduct | Kode Etik Anggota AIYA
Sets expectations of acceptable behaviour and conduct at AIYA events.

AIYA Child Protection Policy and Internal Reporting ProceduresKebijakan Perlindungan Anak AIYA dan Prosedur-Prosedur Pelaporan Internal
Ensures that AIYA has a framework in place to protect minors involved in AIYA activities.

AIYA Privacy PolicyKebijakan Privasi AIYA
Outlines the ways in which we protect any information of AIYA members.

AIYA Prevention of Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Internal Reporting Procedures | Kebijakan Pencegahan Perundungan Diskriminasi dan Pelecehan Seksual AIYA dan Prosedur-Prosedur Pelaporan Internal
Promotes an environment that is free from bullying, discrimination, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

AIYA strongly encourages AIYA Members and non-members who believe that they have experienced or have witnessed Reportable Conduct undertaken by an AIYA Member or undertaken at an AIYA event to consider making a complaint through the Reporting Form below. 

Reporting Form | Formulir Pelaporan 

Last updated 6 July 2020