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Posted on 28 August, 2013

AIYA Eastern Indonesia is a non-government organisation run by both Australian and Indonesian young professionals in aims to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Previously known as the Nusa Tenggara Timur chapter in August 2014, the chapter is expanded to the broader Easter Indonesia area, meaning that in 2017 AIYA will have a presence in Kupang, West Timor and Makassar, South Sulawesi. This change has come after AIYA received calls to establish a chapter in South Sulawesi thanks to the opening of a new Australian Consulate General and the 2016/17 Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) in Makassar.

We hope that this expansion will provide Eastern Indonesians and Australians with a stronger platform to engage with one another in the future. We hope to build a strong network of students, volunteers and young professionals who can encourage, learn from and support one another to become the next generation of leaders in the Australia-Indonesia relationship.

Chapter Executive – East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)

Alberto Selan – President

Alberto has finished his bachelor’s degree at the University of Nusa Cendana, majoring in mining engineering. Then, He joined in software training for mining plan and design activities. After finishing that training He works as a freelance at a mining consulting company in Kupang who provides mining services to do the proposed mining project document.

Alberto also a person who enjoyed doing volunteering activities. Since he was in university, he has been actively engaged in many volunteering activities, like in the education area as well as the environment area. Furthermore, in 2019, he has been an interpreter for students from the National University of Singapore who did thier KURA Project that focused in health issues in West Timor and also for the students from Soochow University who did their community services project in Kupang.

Alberto becomes interested in the bilateral relation between Australia-Indonesia when he joined as a participant of the Vocational Internship Program in Queensland, Australia for 5 weeks. In addition, he loves to spread motivation to young people in Kupang to improve their skills and abilities to face the future.

Arini B. M. Tamelan – Vice President

Arini is a recent graduate from the English Study Program at the Faculty of Teaching, Training and Education of Nusa Cendana University and she is now a home tutor. She is interested in society activities and joined the MITRA (Eastern Indonesian Students Foreign Relations Association) at the end of 2017, the ROTARACT Club of Kupang Fortuna as an International Facilitator in 2018 and had many amazing experiences. In 2017 and 2019 she helped students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with their KURA West Timor Project and was an interpreter with the IMR (International Medical Mission) in 2018 at Alor Island. She is interested in the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship and was selected as an Awardee of the UniBRDIGE Project 2019. She believes that AIYA can help many young people to develop their skills and build an international connection with Australian people.

Rizky Junior Ully – Secretary

Rizky is a final year student at Nusa Cendana University in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

He received a UniBRIDGE Project Award in 2017 for an in-country study trip to Australia. He is also a Bahasa Indonesia mentor for Australian mentees who want to learn Bahasa Indonesia through the UniBRIDGE Project. Teaching has always been his passion. He volunteers with the MITRA Community and actively teaches elementary to junior high school students at the Oesapa traditional market area in Kupang. Rizky has been part of the Duta Bahasa Nusa Tenggara Timur Association since 2019 and reached 4th place in the competition for Duta Bahasa selection in the East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Maria Priscilla Eliza Ivoeney Dhenge Gili – Treasurer

Ivony has finished her bachelor’s degree at Nusa Cendana University, in Mining Engineering two years ago. Now, she is a consultant at environmental and mining consulting company in Kupang. She is also a freelancer in CV. Karya Sejati, company that engaged in sandstone mining in Kupang regency.

In 2018, Ivony joined Kapal Pemuda Nusantara program in Palu, Center Sulawesi. Ivony and young people from all province in Indonesia participated and helped victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster. Ivony also a participant in East Nusa Tenggara Tourism and Hospitality program. In this program, Ivony becomes an NTT’s ambassadress and gain knowledge about sustainability tourism in Queensland, Australia for 5 weeks.

Ivony is interested in society activities. Since 2014, she volunteers in MITRA community especially in environmental project. In 2019, Ivony and her friends built a community called Noelbaki Smart Center. In this community, they built small library and teaches elementary to junior high school student in Noelbaki.

Cristo R. D. L. Sonbay  – Event Officer

Reino is currently majoring in Mining Engineering at university of Nusa Cendana Kupang since 2017. He was one of the committee organizers in virtual TEDx XL Future Leaders (XLFL). During the XLFL Batch 9 selection, He also got involved in assisting XLFL facilitator from arranging schedules until managing candidates to attend the interview selection. He is also a part of Zeal English community Kupang and organizes weekly meetings from arranging topics for members until facilitating discussion to run effectively and timely in each meeting. He is really passionate to learn English because he believes that with this skill, he can join some more opportunities such as joining youth empowerment as an awardee of XL Future Leaders Batch 8 and becoming AIYA Event Officer Kupang chapter. On campus, teaching is one of the activities he spent the most time doing as he was selected as laboratory assistant coordinator to facilitate the practicum for second year students in his major. Sharing is one way he thinks the best to improve his knowledge and that is what he always does until now.

Arty Ningrin Manafe – Event Officer

Arty, a girl who loves playing guitar, succeeded her bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, majoring in Chemistry. Learning English has become her passion since she was in her third year of high school. She’s engaged in a religious community since she was attending her first year in college. After obtaining so much experience in becoming an executive board especially holding accountability in the event and activities division, she has encountered a lot of people from various backgrounds and majors in college. Currently, she has become an official mentor with some friends of hers in the organization. After completing college, she worked as an intern in BioScience Laboratory at Universitas Nusa Cendana. For now, she is a Tutor in teaching TOEFL and a translator as well. in Scholars. She craves to escalate her English skills through this association and friendship and expands a lot of perspective during becoming one of the committees.

Sari Monica Ully – Communications officer

Sari is an English tutor for young students in Kupang. Her childhood dream was to set her foot on different countries all over the world. This dream keeps her going in life and leads her to involve herself in lots of youth and volunteering activities. She believes that involving herself with these activities will give her experiences and broaden her perspectives to reach her dream. This had been proven to be true when she joined UniBRIDGE and got her first trip to another country, Australia in 2017. Through UniBRIDGE networking, she got to attend her first AIYA NSW event in Sydney. She returned with a good impression on AIYA and decided to join AIYA NTT, which later on became AIYA EAST-INDO chapter NTT.

Novelia Sandova Siagian – Communications Officer

Novel has completed her bachelor’s  degree in Mining Engineering at Nusa Cendana University. In 2017 she joined MITRA and found her new interest in teaching. She is a member of Kincir Angin Band Project-a band which has been inspired by kids at a place named Kincir Angin in Kupang. Novel loves Sign Language. She started to learn Indonesian Sign Language (Bisindo) in 2019 and initiated a local community which has colaborated with Kupang Deaf Community up until now to teach Bisindo to people. The community’s members are from various professions, such as doctors, teachers, activists, employees etc, who have commited their time to learn Bisindo each week. She is also a Bisindo interpreter for the Deaf.

Chapter Executive – South Sulawesi

Vita Kanisha – South Sulawesi Committee President

Vita is currently taking a role as AIYA Sulawesi Selatan Chapter President and has been involved in the chapter since 2017 as Professional Program Officer. She is currently working at Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF). She has been working closely with Australian Education Providers which make her keen on supporting the Australia-Indonesia relationship. She loves to learn about cultural diversity in Indonesia, particularly its local language.

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Zalsabila Hasianka – South Sulawesi Committee Vice President 

 Zas is a psychology student at Universitas Negeri Makassar. In her daily life, Zas spends her time actively involved in a social activity and humanitarian, such as being one of mentor for children who live in small alley called Perpustakaan Lorong also participating in some organization as companion of children with special needs. By joining AIYA, she believes that AIYA is a right place to learn, self-development and build new connection with Australian fellows.

Muh Khaeran Ali – Treasurer/ Secretary

 Muh. Khaeran Ali has completed his undergraduate study at Hasanuddin University majoring in Geophysics three years ago. During his study and a couple of years after completing it, he actively gets involved in teaching courses and volunteering as a teacher in his former high school. Being passionate about teaching, in 2013 he and two of his friends initiate to form a student scientific organization with a purpose to be a place where students can improve their skills and be more active in their study, and become the advisory member of the organization since then. Currently, he is accepted as an awardee of Indonesian scholarship and going to pursue his master’s degree majoring in Geoscience next year. In addition, He has a willingness to keep motivate people, especially people around him, to keep pursuing their studies because he believes that everyone has a right to achieving their rightful knowledge.

Muh. Syahman Nurman – Professional Program Officer

 After graduating from vocational Telkom High School, now Syahman passionately continues his education at Telkom University majoring in accounting information systems. Besides typically studying in the world of instructive lectures, he is actively involved in various organizations and participates in volunteer activities engaged in extensive education and social affairs. His unquenchable thirst for a dedicated lot of experience led him to enroll in AIYA, and he fondly believes that by joining this non-government organization he can broaden his friendship and deepen his horizons on global issues including bilateral relations between Indonesia-Australia.

Jesi Patricia – Events Officer


Jess obtained her bachelor degree at Universitas Surabaya and is now working as an English teacher to young students. Her passion for teaching has led her to volunteer in several educational-related activities. In her spare time, you will find her learning a foreign language or simply reading a book. She hopes that her involvement in AIYA will provide her a great opportunity to interact with inspiring youths of both countries.

Andi Mustika Azima – Events Officer

 Mustika is currently a postgraduate student in Management
focusing on Human Resource Management at Hasanuddin
University. Being a part of AIYA South Sulawesi is a new journey
for her in order to expand her international organization. She
has experiences in volunteering activities and leadership
development programs. Besides, she also has professional
experiences related to communication and public relation. Apart
from being a student, Mustika is now a customer support online
officer at one of Retailing Companies in Taiwan. She would love
to develop herself and gain more knowledge through the
collaborative learning Youth Indonesians -Australians.

Akbar Karim – Events Officer

 Akbar is a pharmacy student at Universitas Hasanuddin. Going overseas is his childhood dream. He thinks that the different culture and environment between the countries is interesting to learn. Although his dream has not materialized yet, he is trying to learn it in a different way. By joining AIYA, he believes that he can learn about Australian culture and he hopes he can contribute to the development of youth association between both countries.

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