Posted on 25 August, 2013

AIYA Jakarta is a non-government organisation run by both Australian and Indonesian young professionals in aims to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

As the capital city of Jakarta is a centre of business activities, diverse ethnicities and races come together in this city of dreams full of promise. And so, AIYA did not think twice upon its decision to open a chapter in the city that never sleeps in 2013. Australia’s two-way trade with Indonesia was worth $14.6 billion in 2012, and as Indonesia’s economy continues to grow rapidly, there will be opportunities for many Australian businesses to benefit from forging a stronger relationship with their counterparts.

To get involved or find out more, email us at jakarta@aiya.org.au for any questions or enquiries.

Chapter Committee

Kevin Endravian – President

Kevin is currently consulting for the largest language education company in Indonesia. Interested in the Asia Pacific region and in particular diplomacy and trade between Australia, China and Indonesia. Ignatius enjoys karaoke sessions with close friends, tries his best to stay fit despite being tempted by delicious but not so healthy food in Jakarta and is a proud Manchester City supporter.

Wisnu Trianugraha – Vice-President

Wisnu Trianugeraha is a recent graduate from Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia with BA in International Relations. As one of the Indonesian representatives to go on a cultural exchange program funded by the BRIDGE Program in 2011, he has been involved in Australia-Indonesia relations since high school. His commitment to the bilateral relationship has given him the opportunity to study in Adelaide in 2014 through a scholarship scheme between Universitas Gadjah Mada and the University of Adelaide. He is working part time at the moment as a Program Director in Sandya Institute, a non-government organization advocating the rights of refugees and minority groups. He has also been very active in the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) since 2014 and was the President of AIYA Yogyakarta before moving to Jakarta.

Raisha Safira Sahib – Secretary

Raisha is a freshman at Universitas Nasional, Jakarta, majoring Political Science. Her interest in international relation field has been shown since very young, as she always dream to be a diplomat. She is a MUN-addict and lately, she has also being interested environmental issues. Taking part in AIYA is her way to express her curiosity and passion in making international relation, as well as her platform to improve her English skill.

Humam Dawa – Treasurer

Besides studying economics and statistics, Humam actively invests in mutual funds, stocks, commodities, and peer-to-peer lending. Also, he often travels to explore new places and cultures. During his free time, he loves to read books, swim, jog, and hang out with friends.

Citra Gantiaji – Treasurer

Holds a degree in Pharmacy, Citra is working for the Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies and responsible for the Public Health Study Tour program at Universitas Indonesia. Citra loves learning about different cultures and working in a cross-cultural workplace. She spends most of her free time exploring Indonesia’s beautiful beaches and eating spicy food. She believes that joining AIYA is an excellent opportunity for her personal and professional development while continuing to support an Australia-Indonesia organization, an aspect of her current job which she enjoys greatly.

Alya Jihan – Communication Officer (Social Media)

Alya is currently working as Marketing and Administration Staff in a Network Provider company in South Jakarta.  She also taking law degree in a private university. Alya has been a part of Jakarta Chapter since 2017, starting as a volunteer for Event Coordinator, and now being Communication Officer in Social Media specialist. Just like the network, Indonesia – Australia relations is important in creating our better future between 2 countries. Alya believes AIYA is the right place to gain network and learn more about Indonesia-Australia bilateral especially for youth like her.

Aulia Rifqiandono – Communication Officer (Media Strategist)

Having graduated from The London School of Public relation, He is now working as Visual Communication Design for Jakarta Smart City. His focus is to create youth engagement between Australia and Indonesia. He believes communications and human resources are important to the relationship between Indonesia and Australia.

Joseph Cruikshank – Communication Officer

Joe is a recent graduate from Sydney University with a BA in Science and Arts in Economics, Human Geography and Indonesian Studies. He became interested in Indonesia through his studies in Development Geography.  Completing his undergraduate studies at Universitas Indonesia through a Geography Immersion Program was a challenge he found rewarding. Through this program he took classes in both domestic Geography and Bahasa Indonesia.  In 2019 he will intern in the development programs unit of the ASEAN Foundation, Jakarta. As a way forward he believes that cross-cultural exchange is essential to the development of both the individual and society. He is excited to be apart of an organization which promotes this.

Dheta Catur Maharani – Professional Program Officer

Simply call her Dheta. She is a professional program officer in AIYA Jakarta chapter. Currently she pursuing her degree in Universitas Terbuka majoring business administration. She also a tech enthusiast  and web developer. With AIYA she hope to work together to strengthen the relationship between Indonesia – Australia by youth and she also wants to wider her network.

Zipora Bangguna – Professional Programs Officer

She graduated from Satya Wacana Christian University and is currently working in one of big finance companies in Indonesia. She started her career in an Education Consultancy in Jakarta as a Project Officer where she found her passion and interest in program and project management. She believes that AIYA can be a good platform for young professionals to contribute ideas in term of cross-cultural understanding, gain more skills and knowledge as well as strengthening bilateral relationship of Australia-Indonesia.

Wira Prabowo – Sport Officer

He is an International Relations Student in Universitas Nasional. Judo and Swimming are his hobbies since childhood. He is also active in various social community and very able to work together. As simple person, he is interested to know more about the relations among Australia – Indonesia. This is a real form for him to collaborate in dedication with AIYA

Arif Dharmawan – Sport Officer

Arif’s hobbies are running, swimming, and outdoor activities. For him, sports is everything. Camping and hiking are also his favorite activities. He also enjoys watching sport events and discussing sports news. Arif is also interested in politics and development issues and holds a degree in public policy. As a civil servant in the Ministry of Home Affairs, He believes that joining AIYA is a great chance for him to represent his government and to make relationships between Indonesia and Australia stronger and better in the future.

Dhini Hardiyanti 

Dhini pursued both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree at Monash University, majoring in Global Studies and International Development Practice (MIDP), respectively. Her many activities during her time in Melbourne include volunteering for the MIDP Students’ Association and the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) Victoria, where she discovered passion for cross-cultural communications. Dhini spent the whole of 2018 working for the Australia Awards in Indonesia (AAI) program and sees AIYA as an opportunity for her to contribute further to the Australia-Indonesia bilateral ties, a subject she is highly interested in. She spends most of her free time reading classic literature, singing in karaoke bars, and exercising.

Last Updated 5 April 2018.