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Posted on 13 October, 2013

AIYA NSW has been coming together since early 2012, with active members from USYD, UNSW and young professionals working throughout Sydney.

We are working closely with various PPIA Indonesian student groups and have already established strong contacts with the AIBC, AIA, NSW DET, ACYA and the Indonesian Consulate General’s Cultural Attache.

We have some exciting events coming up and can’t wait to get more semangat people involved!

Feel free to also send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or enquiries.

Committee Members

Maxine Williams – President

Maxine recently graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of International and Global Studies, majoring in Asian Studies and Geography. Her connection to Indonesia began in 2017 when she undertook a six-month Geography Immersion Program at the University of Indonesia which included the opportunity to intern at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in Jakarta. Maxine is now doing a Geography Honours thesis on issues related to food insecurity in Eastern Indonesia. She is an avid volcano climber and has her sights set on Gunung Agung in Bali and Gunung Kerinci in Sumatra during her next trip to Indonesia. Maxine hopes that by strengthening links between youth, a greater sense of understanding and cooperation will ultimately result from the Australia-Indonesia relationship.

Matthew Hasjim – Vice President (Internal)

Matthew is currently in his final year of his Civil Engineering degree at the University of Sydney. He has had nearly two years experience at the Indonesian Students’ Association at USYD as Secretary and Vice President, and more than a year’s experience organising AIYA NSW’s Professional Events as a Team Member. Being Australian-born of Indonesian background, he has a strong interest and passion in following recent and developing events out of both countries which affect the bilateral relationship. In addition, Matthew is always looking for ways to strengthen his own cultural connections within both the Australian and Indonesian community, something which he believes that AIYA is best placed to help grow and facilitate.

Samantha Lim – Vice President (External)

Samantha graduated from The University of Sydney, where she studied a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Indonesian Studies and Geography. Her love affair with Indonesia developed in high school when she was introduced to the language and culture by an incredibly inspiring teacher, Gai Wholohan. In 2017, she was fortunate enough to receive the New Colombo Plan scholarship to study at The University of Indonesia for 6 months. She extended her stay to undertake internships at ASEAN Foundation and ANGIN (Angel Investment Network Indonesia), where she gained invaluable work experience and life-long friendships. Samantha is passionate about community and engaging with other youths who are interested in the Australia-Indonesia relationship in the hopes of facilitating a better cross-cultural understanding between the countries. She is happiest when seeing live music, hiking, and learning about culture through food.

Putu Krisna Yudani (Kina) – Treasurer

Kina has completed undergraduate study majoring in Architecture at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya. She is currently taking master program of Architectural Science majoring in High-Performance Building at the University of Sydney. Living in a multicultural country makes her realized the importance of learning and preserving Indonesian culture. She is beyond excited to introduce Indonesian culture and build a connection with Australians. She hopes that participating in AIYA will develop more opportunity for bilateral collaboration as well as create a positive interaction between Indonesia and Australia.

Veneza Sugianto – Secretary

Veneza is currently undertaking a master’s degree at USYD in Chemical Engineering. Raised in both Indonesia and Australia, Veneza feels strongly connected with both cultures and consider Australian- Indonesian relations as part of her identity. Veneza feels that she has a responsibility to contribute to this relationship and AIYA is a great platform to do so. She believes that with AIYA, Australian, Indonesian and other youths can build personal connections and create programs that will inspire, promote and further improve the Australian-Indonesian relationship and understanding. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities and exploring different places.

Faiz Abi Talha – Social-Cultural Officer

Faiz is currently taking his master’s degree majoring in logistics and supply chain management at The University of Sydney. He is a very passionate person who likes to travel around the world and have different cultural experiences. He has done a cultural exchange program in Poznan, Poland where he taught Indonesian culture to Polish middle school students. Through that experience he realised that Indonesia has a very rich traditional culture and that he really enjoys sharing it with the world. He also loves to make new friends and do sports such as basketball, badminton and jogging.

Eric Perdana – Social-Cultural Team Member

Eric received his Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Technology Sydney, majoring in International Business. He has always been a huge fan of K-pop and it motivated him to learn dancing. He has since joined a dance team with his fellow Indonesian friends in Sydney and he wishes someday that his dance team will go places and become a platform for students with the same passion. Being an International Student in Sydney, Eric is motivated to learn about how Indonesian students cope with life abroad. Eric was on the committee of the Indonesian Student Association UTS and was also the Director of Production at Epilogue 2K19. He excelled at delivering creative content that entertained and educated. By joining AIYA, he hopes to organize events that can further strengthen the bond between Indonesia and Australia. He believes that his passion in dancing and music will inspire other people to embrace their own passions and reach for their dreams

Muhammad Nur Husein Firdaus – Social-Cultural Team Member

Husein is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and Advanced Studies degree at the University of Sydney, majoring in International Relations and Politics and International Business. Having only moved to Australia in 2019 and being relatively new to the country, he is passionate to learn about Australian culture, as well as share Indonesian culture to Australians. He believes that AIYA is the perfect platform for this, and he hopes that through AIYA, youth of Indonesia and Australia can foster and maintain close relations through the exchange of culture, ideas, and opportunities. As an avid sports fan, he watches everything from badminton, basketball, and soccer. With that being said, he’s just getting into footy, so any help on learning about footy would be greatly appreciated!

Jesslyn Hung – Social-Cultural Team Member

Jesslyn is currently an undergraduate student at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Information Systems. Her desire to bring the culture of traditional games and outfits of Indonesia to Australia made Jesslyn want to join AIYA. Jesslyn also hopes to participate directly in other cultural programs that AIYA will host in the future, as well as bringing new and interesting stuff to AIYA. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and cooking or baking.

Samuel Yose – Professional Programs Officer

Samuel is a highly enthusiastic business student equipped with finance and accounting experience in various industries. Through his 4 years of University specialising in the field of finance and economics, he actively participates in numerous organisational work emphasising on a leadership role.

His 3 years involvement in Indonesian-related societies demonstrate his substantial passion for his home country, Indonesia. Samuel is currently seeking involvement and job opportunities that promote meaningful and impactful work.

Helfi Bhakti – Professional Programs Team Member

Helfi is a first-year undergraduate student in the University of Sydney and an aspiring entrepreneur specialising in the field of finance and international business. She seeks for entrepreneurial experiences that can showcase her ambitions and determinations toward her goals. Throughout her 6 years of organizational work and her role as the school captain, she is equipped with leadership and interpersonal skills that is exceptional for an 18-year-old to own. She aims to maximise her time in Australia by exposing herself outside her comfort zone and she believes that AIYA will be an excellent platform for her to pursue it.

Brendan Zivcic – Professional Programs Team Member

Brendan is currently working at Telstra as a Product Manager, managing cloud-based telephony products in both domestic and international markets. In 2016, Brendan was seconded to a Joint Venture between Telstra and Telkom Indonesia called telkomtelstra and spent just under two years at the JV, based in Jakarta. Brendan enjoyed the experience and continues to be passionate about the Indonesian culture and language and joined AIYA to be remain connected to the country and region. In his spare time, Brendan enjoys travelling, particularly in Indonesia, and has sights set on Sulawesi on the next trip

Beatrice Febrina – Professional Programs Team Member

Beatrice is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney, majoring in Finance and Accounting. Her excellent leadership skill was the result of her involvement in various organisations such as Student Council and the executive of the annual school cup. In order to assimilate to the competitive Australian culture, she is willing to get a first-hand experience in professional work that could potentially build and further develop the fundamental skills that are necessities to excel in her future career. The result of her work is due to her burning passion to develop her strengths and limit her weaknesses. Being part of the professional team in AIYA, she hopes to translate her experience to allow the organisation to continue its momentum and further grow in the future.

Owen Carnahan – Education Officer

Owen is currently studying a Masters of International Security at the University of Sydney. He strongly believes in building personal relationships to strengthen the Indonesia-Australia connection, and admires the work AIYA has been doing in this regard. When he’s not reading trashy science fiction novels, Owen likes socialising and improving his Bahasa Indonesia.

Andre Ponniah – Education Team Member

Andre is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Economics at the University of Sydney, while also working as a tutor. He started learning Indonesian back in 2009, and the more he learned about the country, the more he began to love it. Between AIYEP, ACICIS and a 2-week holiday, he has spent a total of about 8 months living in different areas of Indonesia. However, he knows that he has only scratched the surface. He found out about AIYA in 2015, and he admires how the organisation connects Indonesians and Australians at the ground level. If he’s not wasting time on a computer, he likes playing the piano or hanging out with friends.

Peter Rothwell – Communications Officer

Peter’s relationship with Indonesia began in 2016 when, more by chance than by design, he found himself studying in Yogyakarta. Over this time, Peter developed a strong interest and affection for the Indonesian people and for the nation’s history, politics and incredibly diverse cultures. In the words of Sukarno, ‘nationalism cannot flower if it does not grow in the garden of internationalism’. And so it was, that by being immersed in another culture, Peter was able to better grasp his own Australian identity too. Peter currently works in an Operations/HR role for a not-for-profit and, when not busy writing introspective third person bios, enjoys growing stuff in the actual garden of his share house in Sydney.

Clarins Shieryl – Communications Team Member

Clarins is currently studying Political Economy and International Business under the B. Commerce Dalyell Scholars program at University of Sydney. She was previously a Corporate Communications & Sustainability Manager specialising in CSR at PT Kalbe Farma Tbk. She loves reading books and super interested in philosophy. Since she moved to Sydney in the beginning of 2019, she has been increasingly appreciative of Indonesian culture and has high confidence that Indonesian people have so much to offer in both their home country and in Australia. She is motivated to contribute in making that happen through AIYA events, hopefully serving the country and the community well to bring just a bit more of good for the future.

NSW Language Exchange

  • Where: Meet in front of the Quadrangle at the University of Sydney
  • When: Every Tuesday during semester
  • Time: 1pm
  • More information: Join the Language Exchange group and follow the NSW Facebook page for more info

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