Posted on 15 October, 2013

The Australia Indonesia Youth Association in Queensland was founded mid 2012, and aims to build a network of youth who are passionate about the Australian/Indonesian relationship through facilitating various networking and social events.

We are currently affiliated with various institutions such as the University of Queensland, Griffith University, Australian Catholic University, Queensland University of Technology and University of the Sunshine Coast, on the Sunshine Coast. Through these institutions, we have established regular language exchanges with local Indonesian students.  We focused towards facilitating exciting events which involve professional networking, informative seminars and socialising activities.

If you have any questions or queries, you can also send an email to [email protected].

Committee Members

Courtney West-Leigh – Chapter President

Courtney is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in international relations and Indonesian studies at the University of Queensland. As one our closest northerly neighbours, Courtney understands the important role that Indonesia plays in the region and its growing influence as an international player on the global stage. Courtney is of the view that in order to further facilitate Australian-Indonesian relations, relationships first need to be built at a communal level. Courtney believes that AIYA encapsulates this idea, by giving young Australians and Indonesians a shared platform in which they can exchange ideas, values and culture. As a youth association that advocates for these relations, AIYA has the capacity to pave the way for even stronger future bilateral relations between these great countries.

Ceria Ilona – Secretary

Ceria is currently a final year student studying Accounting and Finance Major at Queensland University of Technology. Her involvement in organisation started as soon as she arrived in Brisbane, joining the Event team, and continued another year as the Vice President at ISAQ. Her passion in meeting new crowds, teaching, and learning about diversity and inclusiveness has motivated her to share the experience with a bigger audience. Having a more prominent platform in AIYA, Ceria hopes to strengthen the relationship privately and commercially where both Australia and Indonesia will receive the benefit as well as building a stronger network in Brisbane.

Xavier Leigh – Treasurer

Xavier is currently in his fifth year of a B.A/ LL.B (Hons.) double-degree at the University of Queensland, majoring in international relations and Indonesian studies. Xavier was inspired to learn more about Indonesian culture after hearing stories of Indonesia from his grandfather who was born in Cirebon in West Java.

Xavier is passionate about improving Australian-Indonesian bilateral relations and hopes to one day pursue a legal career in Indonesia. Xavier strongly believes that fostering youth relations is the key to building stronger bilateral relationships between Australia and Indonesia and hopes that he can play a part in this as the Queensland Chapter Treasurer for 2021.

Nafesha Adelina – Communication Officer

Nafesha is an undergraduate student of University of Queensland, majoring in Psychology. Moving to Brisbane in 2019 made her realize the importance of Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship. Living in Indonesia for much of her life, she is eager to introduce her culture to a broader audience in Australia. She loves to share her experience, tell stories, and chat with people about everything. She is interested in human resource management and hopes to meet new young professionals in the field and grow professionally. With her understanding about the two countries, Nafesha aims that her time spent in AIYA could make a great impact on youth relations between Australia and Indonesia.

Adam – General Committee Member

Adam is currently doing apprenticeship as a cabinet maker in a small business, he has lived independently since he was 13 years old at the Islamic boarding school in Indonesia, moved to Brisbane in 2016 and graduated from high school in 2019. He has lots of experience with Indonesian and Australian cultures. Adam believes that by joining AIYA he can share and help others to gain knowledge about his experiences between Indonesia and Australian cultures. The strength of Adam is good at Art, painting and drawing, he hopes his skills can be shared through the activity and events with everyone.

Nisrina – General Committee Member

Nisrina is a current undergraduate student at Griffith University undertaking a Bachelor of Arts and majoring in language in society. She is passionate about learning and exploring other languages and cultures. As an Indonesian who lives in Australia, Nisrina joined AIYA because she has a strong interest in expanding Australia-Indonesia’s relationship. By joining the Youth Association, she looks forward to engaging in many activities and meet many new people.

Anggraeni Astuti – General Committee Member

Majoring in International Relations, Anggraeni is currently in her final year at Griffith University. Her interest in studying international politics and infrastructure made her realize the importance of relations between nations. By joining AIYA, Anggraeni hopes that she could contribute a meaningful impact on youth relations between Indonesia and Australia. She is keen to meet new people and learn about new culture and languages. Aside from her study, Anggraeni enjoys her spare time by doing photography and making Indonesian poems.

Gabriela Nicole – General Committee Member

Gabriela is currently in her 2nd year of Bachelor of Information Technology at The University of Queensland.  Gabriela is one of the 2020’s Brisbane International Student Ambassadors representing Indonesia and is serving as PPIA Queensland’s Vice President. She realises that having a well-established network with the environment she is currently at – is a valuable experience and another way to enhance the relationships between Australia and Indonesia. She is eager to meet new people to learn about new culture while also sharing her own culture. Gabriela believes that joining AIYA allows her to help building a stronger relationship between the Australian and Indonesian youth.

Zulaicha Indralia – General Committee Member

Currently in third year studying Bachelor of Earth Science at Queensland University of Technology. Head of Event and Sponsorship division of of ISAQ (Indonesian Student Association of QUT) as well as general committee member of AIYA Queensland. Zulaicha is interested in working as part of Indonesian and Australian Youth to develop and maintain the connection between both youth in the country. She believes that AIYA is the right place to help expand one’s connection within the Indonesian and Australian Youth.

Katharina Gutjahr-H – General Committee Member

Katharina is a recent Environmental Health graduate from Griffith University. She is a 2020 New Colombo Plan Scholar to Indonesia and is interested in different cultural approaches to public health and women’s health. Being a General Committee Member with AIYA allows her to keep the bridge between Australia and Indonesia strong. The result is a richer understanding of one of our closest neighbours.

Currently, Katharina is working at a public health unit and involved in Queensland’s response to COVID-19. Once it is safe to travel, Katharina hopes to embark on her journey to Indonesia to intern within the public health field.

Farrel Probowo – General Committee Member

Currently, Farrel is in his third year of Bachelor of Business (Management) and Bachelor of Communications (Entertainment Industries) at the Queensland University of Technology. At this moment, besides being the general committee for AIYA chapter Queensland, Farrel also serves as the president of the Indonesian Student Association of QUT (PPIA QUT/ISAQ).

As an Indonesian living in Australia, Farrel is keen to learn more about both countries’ relationship. Farrel understands the importance of the relationship between Australia and Indonesia and would like to contribute more by joining AIYA.

Ani Utami – General Committee Member

Ani is a postgraduate student of the University of Queensland, majoring in Applied Econometrics. She is an Australia Awards awardee and has an interest in strengthening the relationship between Indonesia and Australia beyond trade and investment and through cultural exchange. Ani believes that by being an AIYA committee could help in building a stronger relationship between Indonesia and Australia in the future.

Audrey Maurilla – General Committee Member

Audrey was born and raised in Indonesia. She lived in Indonesia for almost 17 years. In 2019, she moved to Brisbane. Audrey is a Business marketing student at the Queensland University of Technology. She’s always happy to meet new people and learn about something new. Audrey loves traveling, photography, and poems.

Our decision to choose Audrey as a communications officer in AIYA QLD 2021 was very precise. With her background in marketing, we entrusted her to work for all AIYA’s communications media. Not only that but Audrey also a part of PPIA Queensland.

Wanda Mayshara – General Committee Member

Wanda is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology at The University of Queensland, Australia. Wanda has a passion for technology fields. She is interested in data analytics and UX research. Being stuck in Indonesia while undergoing her study online for almost a year now due to COVID-19 pandemic, she realizes that she should make the most of her time as an international student in Australia, even if only from her home country. That is one of the reasons why she joined AIYA in the first place. She hopes to meet passionate youths and young professionals and learn a lot. Also, she aims to contribute to youth relations between Australia and Indonesia and sees AIYA as a great opportunity for community growth and empowerment.

Uchra – General Committee Member

Uchra is currently a postgraduate student of Applied Linguistics at The University of Queensland. Her interests include Second Language Acquisition, Multilingualism, and Language and Culture. Uchra believes that nations’ bilateral relations should be strengthened by mutual understanding of their people. Fond of the idea that culture is one way to understand individuals, she is keen to be involved in this two-way “culture learning and sharing” by getting involved in AIYA.

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