Posted on 17 October, 2013

AIYA Tasmania began in January 2013. Since then AIYA has become the premier Asia focused youth organisation in the state. Though geographically distant, the Tasmanian government has recognized the need for further engagement with Asia, signified by the release of the Tasmania in the Asian Century White Paper in March 2013.

At AIYA Tasmania, we believe that our state has plenty to gain during the upcoming Asian Century and we hope to contribute towards establishing ourselves as leaders in the Australia-Indonesia relationship.

Feel free to also send us an email at [email protected] for answers to any enquiries or questions.

Committee Members

Brolin Barr – President

Brolin has recently graduated from a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy and a Diploma of Languages in Indonesian from the University of Tasmania. Brolin has spent a year and a half in Indonesia participating in multiple exchange programs, including one year in Yogyakarta with ACICIS, two short programs with RUILI and a youth exchange with AIYEP. He is passionate about the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship and hopes to increase Tasmania’s involvement in this relationship through AIYA.

Akala Whittleston – Vice President

Akala is currently completing her last year in a Bachelor of Arts with a philosophy major and in 2017 completed a Diploma of Languages in Indonesian. She has participated in a year-long exchange with ACICIS situated in Yogyakarta, Java studying at Universitas Gadjah Mada and also two short-term exchanges with RUILI in Mataram, Lombok at Universitas Mataram and in Kupang, West Timor at Universitas Nusa Cendana. Akala is interested in bringing together the Australian and Indonesian community members of Tasmania, so that they can have a more active role in Australia-Indonesia related issues, events and communications. She is also passionate about encouraging young Australians to participate in cultural and academic exchanges to Indonesia.

Elizabeth Reid – Treasurer

Elizabeth Reid is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Tasmania. She is studying a combined Bachelor of Economics and Science, majoring in Economic Analysis and Physics, in addition to a Bachelor of Philosophy and a Diploma of Languages in Indonesian. In addition to her UTAS studies, Elizabeth has studied at the Mataram Lingua Franca Institute in Lombok. Elizabeth is enthusiastic about strengthening the Indonesia-Australia economic relationship, and believes Australians understanding Indonesian language and culture is essential to the security of such relationship. Elizabeth hopes that her role within AIYA will help to facilitate positive interactions between Tasmanians and Indonesians.

Rianisa Fitriani – Communications Officer

Rianisa holds a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Urban and Regional Planning from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. She is currently studying a Master of Planning at the University of Tasmania. After the completion of her study in Australia, she is going to work for the government of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta as part of her scholarship agreement with The Sultan of Yogyakarta, Sri Hamengku Bawana Ka. She hopes that her involvement in AIYA will help Indonesians and Australians connect with each other and develop more opportunity for bilateral collaboration to create a better future for both countries.

Renny Listyono – Events Officer

Renny has completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Surabaya University and is now pursuing a Master of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Tasmania. She spent six months participating in a student exchange program to Charles Darwin University. She joined the Student Association for Rural and Remote Health while she was at Charles Darwin University. She is excited to participate in AIYA and introduce Indonesian culture as well as continue learning about Australian culture. Renny believes that understanding language and culture is key in building a better bilateral relationship and this focuses on the cultural and academic link between Australia and Indonesia. She believes AIYA plays a crucial role in developing this link.

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