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Posted on 26 August, 2013


Welcome to Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) Jawa Barat! AIYA Jawa Barat is a non-government organisation run by both Australian and Indonesian young professionals in aims to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. We hope to build a strong network of students, volunteers and young professionals who can encourage, learn from and support one another to become the next generation of leaders in the Australia-Indonesia relationship. From our base in Bandung, the capital of West Java, AIYA Jawa Barat aims to bridge gaps between Australian and Indonesian universities, cultural performers, tourists, businesses and more.


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AIYA Jawa Barat Committee 2020

Dyo Pamungkas – President

Dyo completed his Bachelor of Arts majoring in Commercial Photography in Pasundan  University, Bandung. In 2013 he assisted a collaboration of Dutch students from  ‘HKU’ and ‘Plan Nederlands’ to produce an interactive video project in Bandung called ‘walk a mile in her shoes’ which screened online on MTV Nederlands, and was awarded the ‘regional winner (innovative use of technology or social media)’ by Plan Global Awards in 2014. Currently, he works as a freelance producer for various commercial video productions. He spends much of his free time travelling, and cooking. He believes by joining AIYA it would be a great opportunity for his personal and professional development, as involved in intercultural groups is something that he always really passionate about.

Mia Yuwita – Vice President

Mia completed her studies at Monash University, Australia with a Master of Applied Linguistics. She is now a lecturer at Faculty of Letters, Universitas Komputer Indonesia. During her study at Monash University, Mia has volunteered in many Australia-Indonesia events in Melbourne, e.g. teaching Bahasa Indonesia, participating in conferences, workshops, etc. When she got back to Indonesia, she joined AIYA Jawa Barat as an Education Officer in 2019, and as a Communications Officer in 2020. Her interests in language, literature, linguistics, and culture have made her believe that the relationship between Australia and Indonesia is extremely important. She believe s that the bilateral relationship will be stronger through collaborative learning.

Salmadita – Secretary

Salmadita is in her final year majoring International Relations at Parahyangan Catholic University. She focuses her study on Politics and Transnational society with a demonstrated history of participated in International Student Conference 2020. She is an adaptive person with strong interest in cross-cultural communications. Throughout the year pursuing her education in related fields and she hopes that by joining AIYA, she could develop herself more and take part in strengthen Indonesia-Australia bilateral relations.

Yovita Ivana Treasurer

Yovita a fresh graduate of Business Administration at Bandung State Polytechnic. She loves to socialize. During her studies she was active in several organizations one of them is Student Executive Board of Bandung State Polytechnic. She always enjoy to learning new things, seeks opportunities to broaden her network and make a positive impact to her surroundings whilst also developing her own capabilities. By joining AIYA she hopes to get a lot of knowledge and experience, especially about the culture of Australia and Indonesia.

Aura Salsabilah Ardian Communications Officer

Aura Salsabilah Ardian is an Educational Technology student at Education University of Indonesia. She’s interested in education field and likes to socialized. She also active in several campus and off-campus organizations, such as HIMA TEPSI, AIYA Jawa Barat, and HIMATEKPEND. She loves to learn new things very much, especially about diversity culture and arts. She wanted to go further to gain experience and knowledge by participating social organizations and volunteer events. 

Deva Aryani Education Officer


Deva is a third year student of English Education in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. She is currently active in the organization of her department named English Students’ association (ESA) as one of the members of legislative board. She was also the head of reasoning department in ESA. Besides learning and being active in organization, Deva is currently teaching as a private English teacher. By joining AIYA Jawa Barat, she hopes to get to know more about the relation between Australia and Indonesia and hopefully one day she could help to strengthen the bilateral relationship of Australia and Indonesia.

Isabel Dunn – Socio Cultural Officer


In 2020 Isabel completed her final year of a Bachelor of Social Sciences, majoring in Sociology and International Relations. She is now hoping to undertake postgraduate studies at the University of Tasmania in her hometown of Hobart in Australia. As part of her New Colombo Plan Scholarship, Isabel undertook study in International Relations through the Australian Consortium of In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) at Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (UNPAR). Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic Isabel had to leave Indonesia before her trip was due to conclude, but hopes to remain connected to the region through this organisation. Isabel recognises the immense influence of the Indo-Pacific region and is excited to develop a deeper understanding of the bi-lateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia through her time with the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association.

Fatima Rahmah – Professional Programs Officer

Fatima is currently working as an associate researcher and assessor in a private and government institution. She pursued her Master of Education in Early Childhood Education at Monash University. During her study in Melbourne, Fatima has volunteered in many activities related to education and social activities. She always enjoyed involving herself in the volunteering activity. She believes that actively being involved in volunteer activities would be a great way of giving a contribution to the community.

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