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Posted on 26 August, 2013


Welcome to Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) Jawa Barat! AIYA Jawa Barat is a non-government organisation run by both Australian and Indonesian young professionals in aims to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. We hope to build a strong network of students, volunteers and young professionals who can encourage, learn from and support one another to become the next generation of leaders in the Australia-Indonesia relationship. From our base in Bandung, the capital of West Java, AIYA Jawa Barat aims to bridge gaps between Australian and Indonesian universities, cultural performers, tourists, businesses and more.


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AIYA Jawa Barat Committee 2019

Evelynd – President

Evelynd pursued her Master of Communications and Media Studies at Monash University. During her time in Melbourne, she was a professional intern at the ABC and sought professional experiences in digital media. She has been involved in AIYA since 2016 as Communications Officer of Victoria chapter. She is currently the President of AIYA Jawa Barat and Social Media Officer of AIYA National. Evelynd is now a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, where she specialises in television and film studies.

Preston Branton – Vice President External

Preston is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Global Security at Murdoch University in Perth, where he balances his studies with his work in real-estate. Having only spent a relatively short amount of time in Indonesia, the opportunity to spend a semester studying at Parahyangan University and interning at Resilience Development Initiative seemed like the perfect way for him to build his knowledge of the region through first-hand experience. Preston believes that by fostering a strong sense of interconnectedness between Australian and Indonesian youth, AIYA can help to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the two countries from now and into the future. He is excited to be a part something so important and can’t wait to make friends along the way.

Katrina Scaramella – Vice President Internal

Katrina is currently in her final semester of a B/International Relations and B/Arts double degree at the Australian National University in Canberra. Katrina is based in Bandung at Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (UNPAR) on exchange through ACICIS. To compliment her studies, Katrina is also undertaking and internship experience with Resilience Development Initiative based in Bandung. Currently, Katrina is developing research and a thesis on female-led, grassroots approaches to preventing violent extremism in Indonesia. Katrina came to Indonesia looking for a new cultural and learning experience. It is the first time Katrina has been to Asia and she is intrigued and captivated by what Indonesia has to offer. Katrina is motivated by security relations between Australia and Indonesia and views AIYA as an important information and experience sharing opportunity. For Katrina, it is young people, with their experiences and networks that hold the power to determine and lead the course of Australian-Indonesian relations.

Naufal Azzahra – Secretary

Zahra is currently being a part-time- Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in Bandung. She pursued her Diploma IV in Event and Convention Business Management at Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung (NHI). She had worked as a Professional Conference Organizer at a company in Jakarta for 2 years. During her times, she had handled with some of the government projects for Ministry of Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Education and Culture Indonesia, etc. Since she was younger, Zahra has been interested in tourism and cultures from all over the world, especially when it comes to cultural exchange, therefore her interests have brought her to AIYA. She hopes that through AIYA she can connect young Indonesians and Australians with each other related to the bilateral relationship.

Nadira Tsamara – Treasurer

Nadira is a third-year Law student at Padjadjaran University and taking Transnational Business Law as her subject. She just finished her internship as Legal Fellow in International NGO called Justice Without Borders. During her study, she is active in some organization, competition, and volunteering. Her passion for volunteering and youth empowerment brings her as the Leader in one of International Voluntary Service based in Bandung. As a member of AIYA Jawa Barat, she was involved in some of AIYA events. Having a dream to pursue a master degree in Australia makes her contribute as the committee in AIYA Jawa Barat. She hopes that she can learn more about culture, make the connection with new people and strengthen bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Australia.

Anggi Auliya – Communications

Anggi is a Postgrad student from the Indonesia University of Education (UPI). In 2018, she spent her time as a Language Assistant teaching Bahasa Indonesia in Melbourne through partnership with Department of Education and Training (DET) of Victoria. Whilst in Melbourne, Anggi actively sought and thrived with the opportunities provided in Melbourne with herself being accredited ‘Best Presenter’ in ASILE (Australian Society of Indonesian Language Educators). She is also actively involved in Indonesian-teaching community in Melbourne, such as working with VILTA, DET of Victoria delivering Indonesian virtual learning sessions to schools all over Victoria and presenting as a workshop presenter in Festival Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia (FBBI). Outside AIYA involvement she spends her time volunteering as a Language Ambassador of West Java since 2016, and now serving as the Head of the Association. Anggi is an avid supporter of the Indonesia-Australia partnership and hopes that through AIYA she can connect young Indonesians and Australians with each other and to opportunities related to the bilateral relationship.

Mia Yuwita – Education Officer

Mia completed her studies at Monash University, Australia with a Master of Applied Linguistics majoring in Applied Linguistics. She had previously worked at PT. Vista International Corporation as an IELTS teacher for two years in Bandung. During her study at Monash University, Mia has volunteered in many Australia-Indonesia events in Melbourne, e.g. teaching Bahasa Indonesia, participating in conferences, workshops, etc. She has also joined AIYA Victoria chapter and actively engaged in AIYA Victoria events. Her interests in teaching, language, literature, linguistics, and culture have made her believe that the relationship between Australia and Indonesia is extremely important. She believes that the bilateral relationship will be stronger through collaborative learning.

James Moore – Social Cultural Officer

James is currently studying a semester at Parahyangan University for his Bachelor of International Studies at Western Sydney University. He is also currently participating in an internship at Akatiga in Bandung hoping to come to understand better the community that he is living in. His passion and connection to Indonesia (other than Bali) encouraged him to pursue Indonesia as a place to study. James want to help break down barriers that exist within the Australian-Indonesian relationship. James hope that in coming to Indonesia that he will make long lasting friendships that he can always hold onto maybe even develop a home away from home with the great people around him.

Andreas Bagus – Sports Officer

Andreas Bagus M is a student and currently studying Computer Science at Parahyangan
Catholic University, Bandung. He’s been an AIYA member since September 2018 and now have the opportunity to be a part of AIYA Jawa Barat Committee’s as the Sports Officer. Andreas hopes that joining AIYA would help his social-skills and improve his communicating skill through Indonesian and Australian fellow. He is looking forward to work together with AIYA members and committee for the forthcoming events.

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