Christina Amanda Sadhani

Social Media Officer

Posted on 5 December, 2020

Christina Amanda Sadhani (Christie) is born and raised in Bandung, Jawa Barat. She is currently studying Industrial Design at RMIT Melbourne, and since her arrival in Australia, has been actively involved in various Indonesian Student Associations (PPIA) both at the university and regional level. Because of her passion for arts and social causes, she often immerses herself in community art projects or volunteers with nonprofits to raise awareness around social imbalance and poverty.

She enjoys seeing how different cultures mesh and mix together to represent one’s identity, and in her free time explores that by trying different techniques in hand crafting from different countries. Her love for Indonesian culture is channeled through the occasional hobby of batiking or watercolours, and singing Indonesian indie songs. She believes that the freedom to express their identities is one of the key ways humans achieve happiness and live a fulfilling life, and encourages others to express and share their culture as well! Through AIYA, she hopes to share her love for her heritage and learn more about Australian culture.