Claritha Siahaan

Social Media Officer

Posted on 5 December, 2020

Claritha was born in Sentani, Papua then moved and grew up in Sorong, West Papua. She feels better-known for her identity as a Papuan child from the eastern tip of Indonesia even though her father is a native Batak and her mother is a Chinese-Serui ethnic mix.

She was first introduced to Australian Culture as she went to high school in Darwin, a magical small town with strong multiculturalism at the great top end of NT. Having had hospitality and being invited – involved in a number of interactive activities with the Indonesian Consulate and Congregation in Darwin, Claritha just began to learn the importance of international relations between Australia-Indonesia as well as socio-cultural interaction and integration.

Putting aside her childhood dream of being a paediatrician, she is now on a run to build a wider politics and global affairs knowledge after enrolled in ANU College of Arts and Social Science with a major in International Relations. However, legend says she would never be sure of her future life prospects (and that is okay) as she constantly chasing after all her hobbies & interests such as in nature-collecting plants; arts-digital design/sketching; music-making beats;

socio-cultural – learning different languages & cultures, being a part of positive-progressive environments, networking and getting extra inspiration and experience.

Through AIYA, she wishes to connect with many more Australian – Indonesian youth, share and develop better insights in strengthening the bilateral relations of both countries through educational or cultural aspects.