Another Country: Sebuah Esai Tentang Kehidupan Dari Ramingining

Posted on 19 August, 2015

Festival Film Internasional Melbourne (MIFF) baru saja diselanggarakan pada tanggal 30 Juli-16 Augustus di kota Melbourne. Tahun ini MIFF menayangkan…

Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day

Posted on 15 August, 2015

Indonesia will celebrate its 70th independence day on the 17th August, and there are various celebrations and games which Indonesians…

AIYA Links: 14 August

Posted on 14 August, 2015

We’re proud to announce the thirty young leaders who will be a part of this year’s Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth…

AFL and Multiculturalism – A Worthy Goal

Posted on 9 August, 2015

I have been living in Melbourne for more than 6 years, but for the first two years I had found…

AIYA Links: 7 August

Posted on 7 August, 2015

In the news Bilateral relations getting back on track as Foreign Ministers Retno and Bishop meet at ASEAN in Kuala…

AIYA Links: 31 July

Posted on 31 July, 2015

In the news Bad times, bad policy? Economists Arianto Patunru and Sjamsu Rahardja criticise rising protectionism in their new Lowy Institute…

AIYA Links: 24 July

Posted on 24 July, 2015

In the news Former Australian government analyst Ken Ward’s new paper on the relationship has made a splash with its…

AIYA Links: Salam Idulfitri 2015/1436H

Posted on 17 July, 2015

Kami di AIYA mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Idulfitri 2015/1436H. Semoga perayaan Lebaran ini aman dan menyenangkan bagi Anda dan keluarga….

The True Meaning of Ramadan

Posted on 15 July, 2015

Ramadan month (bulan Ramadhan) is a special occasion for our Muslim friends, and it’s meaning much more than just fasting…

Australia: Perkenalan Pertama dan Jadian

Posted on 13 July, 2015

It was my first time mengunjungi Australia ketika aku menjadi salah satu participant Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) 2014/2015….